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The Red Lion started its life in 1642 known as kettles farm.

The building was leased to a local inn keeper whom converted it to a local inn, Known back then as The Butchers Arms.

Stories state that the building was also known as a mortuary, though no evidence can be found to confirm this. Maybe because it was used as an abattoir and named The Butchers Arms insinuated such stories.

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In 1769, work was completed to the building, comprising of the left hand side being heightened to allow for coaches to pull in and for the building to become a coaching inn. This was a back up to the main coaching inn located in Brentwood High Street. At the very same time the once thatched roof was removed, replaced with tiles. As seen today, The original timbers are still in place under the current roof. It was also agreed at this time that the building be renamed and thus became The Red Lion. The sign at the front still depicts the original swing style layout. The Red Lion also became The Toll House due to the original Toll house being moved 400 yards up the road by horses and being laid to situate on the opposite side of the road. This is now more affectionately known as the pretty cottage on the left.

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The Red Lion continues those traditions to this day whereby, locals and passers by can stop for something to eat or drink. Still being a pub or inn, which ever term you wish to use, A warm and friendly enviroment and a welcoming smile will always greet you and thus hope your visit as one of our guests will be a pleasant one.

The Red Lion will never pretend to be something that it is not, being a public house/ Inn back in 1728, and remaining a pub/ Inn today. Thank you for your visit today, if just to quench your thirst or to refuel your hunger we thank you.

Sue and Jon and the team at THE RED LION

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